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Cruise employees work exceedingly long hours, under difficult conditions, for relatively little compensation.  As a reward for their hard work, crew members are regularly shipped back to their home countries and and then abandoned after they are injured or become ill on cruise ships. The cruise lines routinely deny their crew employees adequate medical treatment and refuse to pay their wages and minimal living expenses.     

Crew members have the right to sue the cruise lines for medical care, living expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and disability.  Crew members also have the right to bring suit against the owners and operators of the cruise ships for unsafe or "unseaworthy" conditions.

The firm represents a wide range of injured crew members, including waiters, busboys, cooks, utility personnel, cleaners, and cabin attendants from around the world.  Our clients are from the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Chile, China, India and the Philippines. The firm also represents singers, dancers, musicians, and spa employees from the United States, England, and Canada. The types of cases handled by the firm include:

  • Trips and falls due to unsafe working conditions.
  • Back injuries caused by falls and lifting excessive weights.
  • Burns caused by accidents in galleys, engine rooms, and ship fires.  
  • Failure to pay wages and maintenance & cure benefits.
  • Injuries caused by delayed or inadequate medical treatment.
  • Refusal to provide medical treatment for illnesses.
  • Unlawful discharge and retaliatory termination of employment.
  • Physical and sexual assaults.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Wrongful death claims.

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